Mind Body Nutrition

Im super excited to share details of my New Group & 1:1 Online Nutrition Coaching Programmes 🥑

Mind & Body Nutrition prioritises both your physical & mental health by focusing on eating natural unprocessed foods to give you all the nutrients you require for optimum health. No counting calories, weighing food or weighing yourself! A programme that focuses on how you feel not how you look or how much you weigh! 🙌

The health of our physical body is closely related to our mental health. If one is out of balance it affects the other drastically. For example our gut health is closely related to our brain health so if our gut microbiome is out of balance this can contribute to many different health conditions such as Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, Auto immune Diseases, IBS & many more. 😶‍🌫️


Our food has a massive influence on how we feel on a daily basis, on our energy levels & our mood & therefore on what we do (or don’t do) everyday. Our lives can be very busy & stressful & the body has to process high levels of stress on a daily basis. We are exposed to stress from work, family, financial situations, environmental stress, exercise (or lack of exercise), stressful world events & these are unique to each person. Processed foods & a diet deficient in nutrients is another stress many of us add to our bodies.👤

When our body is receiving all the macro & micro nutrients it requires for optimum function, there is an improvement in symptoms of all physical & mental health conditions without exception. Even skin cuts, abrasions & bone breaks heal quicker when we eat sufficient protein & vitamins for soft tissue & bone healing & repair. 💪

My nutrition programme is an online programme of Nutritional Coaching, Education & community support. Weekly Meal plans, recipes & shopping lists are included or you can choose to create your own weekly meal plan from my food lists with my guidance. Each week there will be a different education topic via Video call which you can join live, watch later or read about. Topics include Eating Out, Hormone Balancing foods, Toxin free living, Organic foods, Reducing plastics, Vitamins & Minerals from food, Food & Exercise, Food & Skin, Physical Health Condition Support from food, Mental Health Condition Support from food & you are free to suggest topics too! 🍲

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